Up-skilling For Young People

Current disruptive technology changes raise concerns of human labor displacement, especially as Africa’s unemployment rate keeps sky rocketing. Africa’s employment challenge is essentially a youth employment challenge. Of the 73 million jobs created between 2000 and 2008, only 22 percent were filled by youth (AfDB, 2017). The rate of unemployment among youth is estimated to be double that of adults in most African countries (AfDB, 2017).

Through 2019, Olearn offered scholarships to about 150 young people to learn Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, to enable them transition into new roles.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Learn the use of auxiliary libraries in  Python ecosystems, and how to build dashboards with Power BI

Database Basics and SQL

Master the database management systems and structured query language (SQL).

AI and Machine Learning

Leverage the power of Data Science & Machine Learning to create robust AI for Real-World solutions.

Robotic Process Automation

Learn the fundamentals of RPA, build your first robot  and prepare for the future of work.

Who is this for?

Young People

We want to show young people who may not be able to afford university education that they too can become machine learning engineers and data scientists.


The labor market today is quite competetive espically with the influx of new technologies. We want to prepare Undergrads with technical skills that are hot in demand.

Young Prefessionals

Work environments are becoming highly competetitve, and young profesionals need to up-skill and re-skill, focusing on emerging technologies to stay competetitve.

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