Tech Solutions For Journalism

Learn how “Frontier Technologies” like Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization can impact your reportage

Data Journalism

Get an intensive training for a

career in data journalism and data visualization for  storytelling.

Journalism AI

Learn the fundamentals of AI in journalism, automated content production and algorithm in news.

Financial Data Reporting

Master tools and technologies to learn how to analyze and present market and economic data.

Goespatial / 360 Journalism

Learn the fundamentals of storytelling with maps tools,
and methods for 360 storytelling.

360 240

Chat with us, let us help you

We know that you may not be sure of what learning track is right for you or your team, but we are here to make your decision-making seamless. Chat with us and let us help you customize and fine-tune your learning needs.

Who is this for?

News Organizations

We train on frontier technologies and tools to help newsrooms improve audience reach and engagement while improving their reportage


The face of news is changing, our learning labs will help journalists up-skill and re-skill in order to gain ccompetetitive advantage

Journalism Trainers

We also train individuals to become trainers, especially in cases where a news organization may need an all-round expert to hold the forth in-house

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