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Learn the fundamentals of AI in journalism, automated content production and algorithm in news.

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Why you should take the course

As the technology advances, newsrooms will increasingly use AI to perform more systematic and autonomous functions; sourcing of information, story idea generation, identifying trends, investigations, event or issue monitoring, extracting information or content. Even automated content production (ACP) will be embraced as newsrooms want to increase content produced to satisfy human demand. AP uses ACP to write over 5,000 quarterly recaps, freeing up 20% of journalists’ time that was previously spent on writing recaps.  

Course Modules

Newsrooms and AI, Path to AI strategy, Challenges to adoption
Algorithm in news, Computational storytelling, Computational thinking
Addressing Micro audience at scale, Automated Journalism, benefits and limitations, Automated financial news
Algorithimic news distribution, Content optimization and metrics, Platform power
Ethical dilemmas, Recidivism, Machine Bias, Algorithimic accountability reporting methods, Algorithimic Transparency,


Batch enrollment coming soon. Not available for this course at the moment.
In the case of groups, courses can be customized and a learning timeline drawn to suit the group’s schedule. Group can define the learning time-frame.

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