Data Journalism

Get an intensive training for a career in data journalism and data visualization for storytelling.

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Why you should take the course

Data Journalism is important because it carries two kind of innovations; Information Presentation in new ways leveraging richer amount of information or data that can be accessed and explored, from new angles to reveal more hidden insights or isolated events. The second is Interaction with the news. It gives the opportunity to the reader to easily consume and engage with the information, while reaching a larger audience are left out many times. Newsrooms all over the world are setting up data desks and building data teams to embraced this wave.


Exploring the world of data, Telling stories with data, Presenting data, Finding data in public domain, Data Visualization with Data Studio 360, Use cases and best practices.
Exploring numbers through sheets, Simplifying data from large numbers and percentages into ratios, rounded figures and comparisons, connecting dots to find stories.
Understanding trending topics using Keyhole, Harnessing the trends to find outliers, hidden insights, and new stories, Crafting visualizations from finding.
Scraping data from online sources, Offline data gathering methods, Convertinmg data to friendlier formats
Hypothesis development, Story mapping, Data Structuring, Data expedition, Development of data driven product, Data Presentation with Infogram.
Data context, Data Privacy, Data Reliability


Batch enrollment coming soon. Not available for this course at the moment.
In the case of groups, courses can be customized and a learning timeline drawn to suit the group’s schedule. Group can define the learning time-frame.

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Data Journalist

Data Visualization Expert

Visual Data Analyst

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