Effective Communication for Gov/t

Learn how “Frontier Technologies” can impact communication of government policies and programmes

Data Viz and Infographics

Learn the fundamentals of visual storytelling using data tools and infographics techniques.

Open Data for Government

Master tools and technologies to learn how to analyze and present market and economic data.

Financial Data Reporting

Leverage the power of Data Science & Machine Learning to create robust AI for Real-World solutions.

AI for Government

Learn the fundamentals, how to craft AI strategies,  and AI applications for government.

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Federal Government

We train on data-driven and visual communication strategies towards transparency and openness with relevant stakeholders.

State Government

Keeping stakeholders well informed on every government initiative, policy, programmes and decisions is key to effective service delivery.

Local Government

Making information accessible to citizens, businesses, developers, and community organizations can help build partnerships for a stronger community.

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