About OLearn

Orodata Learn (OLearn) provides bespoke re-skilling and up-skilling training programs for individuals and organizations, with a focus on Data Science, Automation, AI and Machine learning to enable a seamless transition into the Future of Work

Our Mandate

  • To leverage the changes being introduced by many technological breakthroughs to ensure our young people, our organizations, and our governments are prepared for a future of disruptive technologies.


  • To capitalize on Educational Technological to provide a golden opportunity for young people, and young professionals  to develop and grow news sets of skills faster and attain higher levels of prosperity in a shorter span of time.

Our Practice

Bespoke Learning

We identify the skills that individuals / firms require and tailor the learning modules to suit them for easy transition

Open-ended Timing

Knowing that many of our students are working professionals or undergraduates, we tailor the classes to suit their schedule

Fast Learning

Students can up-skill and re-skill faster leveraging our short courses, dedicated physical trainers, self-paced online learning platform

Organizations that trust us

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