A two-day training on the theme, “Infographics and creative communications” was organized by Orodata for Corporate Communications Department (CCD) Of The Central Bank Of Nigeria, Thursday 9​th​ – Friday 10​th​ August 2018. The training was held at the Central Bank of Nigeria Training Center, Lagos.

About the Training:

The scope of this training was to build a highly skilled team of data Visualization and infographics expert in CBN’s creative communication department that would change the narrative in data mining and presentation, curating an institutional niche in reporting and templating documentation.

Specific Objectives:

– Establish a data team that serves as the one-stop-shop for official infographics in CBN.
– Build capacity of data team to handle the influx of day to day infographics.
– Create a data consciousness and graphical illustrations for the report. Ensure participants learn.
– To create infographics utilizing data sketching, data illustration, and storytelling methods.
– Skills and techniques to collect and analyze data and from trends and events.
– Best practices, workflows, and techniques through real-world examples.
– How to apply the right fonts, color, images, charts, and complex data maps.
– To understand and use human behavioral science to effectively communicate data
– To produce infographics that combine illustrations and figures to bring data to life.
– To understand and apply techniques; abstraction, visual hierarchies, and iconography.
– To develop attractive and easy to consume visual presentations that ensure data cognition.


This report contains the following: Report on the thrust of the training workshop including our assumptions and general observations; ❖ Album of infographics designed by participants; ❖ Evaluation report based on our own observations; and ❖ Recommendations on the way forward.

Engagement strategy:

The approach we employed was to first sensitize and illuminate the participants on ‘the role of Infographics and Creative communication Technology (CCT)’ in promoting good governance and citizen inclusion. This was aimed at concisely illustrating how CCT is crucial to fostering national competitiveness in the context of a rapidly changing world and global economy. There was a pre-Assessment of participants to ascertain our mode of entry helping us to tailor course content and delivery strategy to meet the needs of the participants and attain interactivity between participants and trainers.

Participants went through a 2-day intensive training delivered in various formats (presentation style, Hands-on practical workshops and classroom exercises). We ensured every participant got a computer to master the skills independently and also grouped them to introduce the team spirit in actualizing tasks and these gave outstanding results. We saw commitment, dedication, interest, passion and a formidable team in those participants.

Our successes:

Participants were able to locate organizational data from CBN portal in Pdf and converted to Excel using Tabula.
Participants were also , practically, how ‘data sketching’, ‘wire-framing’ and ‘crunching of information’ works using reports and information taken from the CBN website. Basic functions for data cleaning in excel were learned, converting between machine-readable formats (XML and CSV) and this data was applied on data wrapper for visualizations. We made participants comfortable using data wrapper in producing charts and maps relevant to CBN data.

The beauty of being an expert in infographics is in the ability to interface designs between one or more tools and they appreciated this in learning quick fixes for infographics on PowerPoint and exporting as an image file to canva or infogram for a unique design, this will ensure that going forward that participants can design beautiful reports. Creating digital report presentation using powerpoint was a product of our pre-training assessment and integrating it showed participants better ways of showcasing reports. Qualitative data infographics was done using canva and Infogram. ​Participants were encouraged to follow suit using their laptops in a step-by-step hands-on practical process.

Tools Trained on:

– Spreadsheets for data cleaning
– ​Microsoft Excel
– ​Tabula for Data extraction from pdf to spreadsheets
– Infogram for Visualization and Infographics
– ​Data Wrapper for Report presentation and infographics
– ​Microsoft Powerpoint for presentations and Infographics
– ​Canva for Infographics and Data Visualization

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