Accelerating African and Global

economies through the up-skilling

and re-skilling of their workforce


A combination of soft, cognitive, and tech skills that allows for transition into a more dynamic professional environment

On-demand Learning

Shorter courses that allow people

to perform new tasks in their current occupations or new occupations

Flexible Tech

Hands-on and flexible learning

using distant learning technology,

learn anywhere, and anytime


We bring knowledge to you anywhere

Our technology provides you the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime. It makes learning a more tailored, personal experience in terms of content, paths, and evaluations

We make learning easy 

Bespoke Learning

We identify the skills that individuals / firms require and tailor the learning modules to suit them for easy transition

Open-ended Timing

Knowing that many of our students are working professionals or undergraduates, we tailor the classes to suit their schedule

Fast Learning

Students can up-skill and re-skill faster leveraging our dedicated trainers or self-paced online learning platform

Peopple Trained
Hours of Training Sessions
Tutors and Trainers

Frequently asked questions

How do I know what program is best for me?

Embarking on a learning journey we know is a huge decision and sometimes you need additional opinions, hence, we are always available to guide you on the best trajectory to charter.

Do I need a budget?

We have some free courses, however, for others we allow for flexible payment options that spans the training period, so you have nothing to worry about.

When is the best time to start learning?

Our courses are quite flexible, with self-paced options. You can start anytime.

How long do your programs take?

Our programs are short and long, but what is most important is that they are highly customizable such that you can decide the time you would like to start and complete it.

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